From our youngest dancers to the most advanced, we offer ballet classes to suit everyone. 

Ballet Classes

  • All uniform bodysuits are sold exclusively through Dance Barre.
  • Hair must be pulled back into a slick bun
  • Pink Ballet Slippers – canvas or leather
  • Pink tights are required for class. Students are welcome to wear any brand of pink tights for class throughout the year, but are required to wear the following brand, style and colour for the end of year concert:
  • Younger students – Balera Tights in Light Pink.
  • Older students – Balera convertible tights in Light Pink.
  • Tights in all sizes are available for purchase at the Front Desk.
  • Pre-Pointe and Pointe Classes must wear Convertible or Adapt-a-toe tights. Pointe students are required to wear the same leotard/bodysuit as their ballet class.

What to Wear:

Dancers follow a strict uniform for all Ballet classes. Each level of ballet is assigned a specific leotard that must be worn to all classes. For the convenience of all parents, bodysuits and tights can be purchased at the studio’s Front Desk.
Dancers are required to wear the exact bodysuit colour, brand and style number listed below for each ballet class. For your convenience, all bodysuits and tights may be purchased at the studios Front Desk. 
All Ballet dancers are required to wear Balera tights in Ballet Pink. A classical ballet bun should be worn to each class. Pink leather or canvas ballet slippers can be purchased at the local dance store.

PRE BALLET – Balera Mulberry Tank Dress
MINI BALLET – Balera Dark Teal Bodysuit
JUNIOR BALLET – Balera Grape Bodysuit
INTERMEDIATE BALLET – Balera Navy Bodysuit 
BALLET 4 – Balera Mulberry Bodysuit
BALLET 5 - Balera Slate Blue Bodysuit 
ADVANCED BALLET, TEEN BALLET, HIGH SCHOOL BALLET – Any black leotard is acceptable

All pointe dancers are required to wear their recreational ballet uniform bodysuit to their pointe class. 

What Students are Saying:

"My favorite style of dance is ballet. I love it very much because I get to really focus on getting better at my technique. I also love it because it improves my technique in all the other styles of dance.” – Micaela

Please click the image in the photo gallery below to see a photograph of the ballet uniform for each class.